Finding The Root cause

Finding the ROOT cause of your undiagnosed illness
Have you ever taken the time to discover the actual underlying, the ROOT cause of your symptoms in order to heal?
Many people have persistent, long standing, chronic, recurring health complaints.
The ROOT CAUSE  can be anything!
It can be:
Digestive issues
-heart burn
-acid reflux
-pain after meals
-undigested food in stool
-itchy skin
-lower back pain/discomfort
The ROOT CAUSE  can be:
Hormonal Imbalances
-heavy periods
-irregular periods
-painful periods
-pre menstrual symptoms
-unwanted hair growth
-weight gain/loss
-muscle weakness.
-muscle aches, tenderness, and stiffness.
-joints pain
-increased or decreased heart rate
The list is endless.
Finding the ROOT CAUSE is not easy!
It’s a long and bumpy jurney.
But, it’s really important to find the root cause to be able to improve overall Health.
Most of the time you can get temporary relief from prescribed or over the counter pills such as PPI, Contraception, Laxatives, etc.
BUT, Once you stop taking them all your symptoms returns.
Because these are usually only masking the symptoms, but do not treating the actual ROOT CAUSE.
Here is a good example
Let’s say someone is dealing with heavy or irregular period.
Usually they offered to take contraception for at least 3 month.
Once they go on the pill their cycle becomes regular, the bleading becomes lighter so it resolves their symptoms.
As soon as they stop taking the pill or in the next 2 month their problem returns.
Because while they are on the pill it generates their period and due to the hormone contain the flow is normal.
BUT because the ROOT cause has not been identified the symptoms returned.
The cause can be anything from Thyroid issues, Ovarian cyst, Endometriosis to food intolerances, lifestyle, stress and so on. The ROOT CAUSE has to be identified to be able to heal properly.
That is what Nutritional Therapy offers!
We take time to see the whole picture, not just treating the symptoms.
Finding the ROOT CAUSE is challenging.
But it’s rewarding and well worth it
Nutritional Therapy treats each person as an individual with their own specific requirements.
To reclaim your optimum health, energy, performance and best quality of life, please get in touch today for a free 15 minute discovery call on 07704409111 or email to see if Nutritional Therapy is right for you.

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