Your illness is in your head!


It’s all in your head!

Is your illness is really in your head?

Have you ever had any long term, chronic health condition which has never been solved???

Despite going back and forth to different GPs/doctors/specialists/health practitioners and so on having blood tests, scans, CT or MRI (if you are lucky enough) or even paid for having them privately?

Taking different medications but non of them worked permanently?

Have you tried different remedies for years but your condition is still present no matter what you do?

Have you ever heard from your GPs/doctors/specialists/practitioners or any health care providers that you are NOT ill, you are a perfectly normal, healthy human being?

All your test came back negative.

There is nothing else to do.

Your illness is only in your head.

That is it!

If you can’t live with it or get over it you should consider to work with a psychologist and probably take antidepressants for the rest of your life.

Only in your head?

Is that possible?

I would say NO!

There has to be an answer.

There has to be a ROOT cause of your condition.

Nutritional Therapist are trained to treat each client as an individual, listen to them, hear their story from their birth up to now. To dig deep and address the possible/underlying/The ROOT cause of their condition.

It can be a long journey with ups and down on the way, but well worth it.

At the end we always have an answer!

An answer to prove that your illness is not in your head.

My aim is to help people to achive optimal health and regain vitality through a professional and induvidually tailored nutrition plan and lifestyle recommendations.


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